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Case Study: Stacy Queen of Cards

We are thrilled to have launched Stacy Queen of Cards new website recently. It is a new Stacy Queen of Cardstwist on the notion of branding yourself and your business under the umbrella of a network marketing company such as Send Out Cards.

One thing I know is that Send Out Cards is an amazing tool to use. BUT what is even more powerful is to have a marketing specialist such as Stacy Ryan, guiding you strategically through the process of maximizing its capabilities and consulting you on Relationship and Appreciation Marketing. It’s one thing to setup an account, but it is another to actually have a strategic, automated plan using this tool.
Check out her new website here, but more importantly, contact Stacy for the service!!!

FREE Send Out Card

(You can even send a card for FREE here!!!!)

What I learned today…

AROD represented this weekend at an AMAZING Michele Scism event, “Take Action, Get Profits” in Dallas, TX. It was a Social Media focused event; but learned SO MUCH more! More importantly we met an amazing group of individuals, heard their stories, gained relationships, and gained business building how-tos.

My one AH-HA share for today is….”YOU CAN ONLY GROW YOUR BUSINESS AS FAST AS YOUR GROW AS A HUMAN BEING!” ~ Adam Urbanski (one of the amazing speakers and mentors)

Learn about you, be willing to be authentic, honest and open about your story, share what you know and grow! Be open minded to other ways of thinking and always look within for the answers that are right for you; your business will the EXPAND!


5 Ways to Spot a $100 Million Idea by BNET

I was reading this article by Robert Jordan (adapted from interviews conducted in the book, “How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America.”) this morning and thought it was a great reminder about what is possible, what makes a great idea, what makes MONEY! Do you have a BIG idea? Well think about these 5 Ways to Spot a $100 Million Idea and see if it makes the cut!

Check out article here:

dollar sign means money


1. Fill a need, not a passion.

2. Identify your customer’s big problem.

3. Get it from your hands, not your head.

4. Make it sellable and fixable.

5. Get help developing it.

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